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Aimed Logistics is a new age freight logistics company founded by Sean Hendley and Luke Mahan. They have spent years researching and working in the freight world and found many problems with the way freight brokers run their business and handle loads. They are passionate about empowering businesses with intelligent, data-driven solutions that optimize their supply chain operations and help them achieve their goals, as well as providing small and large businesses with low-cost, honest, high-quality logistics services. With Aimed Logistics, you can trust that your logistics needs are in the hands of a team that is committed to delivering high-quality service, efficiency, honesty and innovation for a fraction of the price.  


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Same-Day Quotes

With our high-quality team and AI-powered analytics Aimed Logistics can provide you with accurate quotes within the day.

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Route Optimization

With AI-powered route optimization, Aimed Logistics can help you to plan the most efficient routes for your shipments, taking into account factors like traffic, road closures, and delivery windows. This saves you time and money, while also improving your delivery times and customer satisfaction.


Cost Optimization

Aimed Logistics can help you optimize  your logistics costs with the help of    AI-powered analytics. This includes analyzing data on shipping rates, carrier performance, and other factors that affect your logistics costs, and developing strategies to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or service.



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